Give Your Self Esteem a Boost

There are times in everyone's life when self-esteem ebbs to a low ...

There are times in everyone's life when self-esteem ebbs to a low, and needs a boost. Whatever the reason for the momentarily downfall that has beset you, it is easy to give your self-esteem a boost, become confident to deal with life's lows and enjoy the wonders of living again. Here are four ways to give your self-confidence a quick boost.

1 - Spend Time with Friends

Even just a quick telephone call to your best friend will help you to feel terrific straight away. Indeed, even just making a list of your friends can be a boost to your self-confidence. Making and keeping friends can be hard work at times, because offering real friendship is an unselfish act. Even if you have just one good friend in your life, someone you would do anything for if needed, you have achieved a great deal. Spending time with your friends will help you to forget yourself and your troubles. Laughing with friends is one of the best medicines in the world.

2 - Treat Yourself Well

People with a low self-esteem often treat other people better than themselves You deserve happiness in your life too, so take some time out and treat yourself to something fun or special. Even just saying no to the family for a short time and relaxing in hot, steaming bath, with a good book, can remind yourself how special you are. Give yourself a treat to give your self-esteem a boost.

3 - Keep a Compliments Book

Compliments from friends, work colleagues, neighbours, and even strangers, can make your day at the time you receive the gift of complimentary words. However, if you keep a little notebook handy and jot down the compliments when you receive the words of praise, you will be able to re-read and enjoy these compliments again. Whenever you need a boost in your self-esteem read over your compliments book, and you will automatically feel better.

4 - Make a List of Your Positive Attributes

Everyone has some positive attributes, as well as negative ones. People with a low self-esteem tend to focus on the negatives, rather than the positives. It takes time to retrain your brain patterns into thinking positively about yourself, but it is possible. Make a list of your positive attributes and read it any time you tend to focus on the negative ones.