How to Defeat Procrastination in 2 Steps

Procrastination can become a chronic problem if you allow it to. ...

Procrastination can become a chronic problem if you allow it to. It is one of the biggest causes for failure at anything you may attempt in life. It destroys your potential. It can rob you of the kind of life you want. However, it is also something that everyone experiences at some point. So it makes sense to have a strategy in place for dealing with procrastination whenever it rears its ugly head.

Here is a 2 steps strategy for defeating procrastination before it defeats you.

Step 1 - Change Your Habits

At its core, procrastination is simply a conditioned habit. Whenever you do something repeatedly, it will become normal to you. So don't make a habit out of procrastinating. It can be all too easy to accept it, and give away your control. It may feel like an overwhelming force which you are powerless to do anything about. Don't give into this way of thinking.

Remember that you can destroy procrastination by gradually converting your day-to-day habits into more productive ones. The adjustment may be difficult at first. But over time, your new habits will become normal to you.

Step 2 - Feelings Follow Behavior

It's no surprise that we procrastinate because we don't "feel" like doing what we know we should be doing. So change how you feel! This doesn't involve using some mystical self-help gabble. Just start by doing the task you have been putting off. Once you have started, your feelings may begin to change.

In most cases, you will start to feel more motivated - and you will feel satisfied because you are finally doing the task you have been avoiding.